An Incredible Chocolate and its Incredible Journey

Updated: May 20, 2021

A year ago, I set out to open an online Brazilian style chocolate truffles shop. I have left behind a wonderful career in IT to become a chocolatier. Well, oh, might! Did that work!

In the beginning, I was a bit worried as these type of confections are not well know in the UK, but the response from customers and the public, in general, grew my confidence that this was what I really want to be doing for now.

I have learned a ton of things during this last year too! Food Hygiene was always my priority, and I studied it to become level 3 certified and got a Food Safety Standard rate of 5 in my inspection. Trilled with that, I started selling online timidly, in all honesty, partly because I didn't know much about marketing and the food industry as such.

Throughout this period, I have support from many people, my husband and son, my parents and siblings, my dear friends, Business Wales, Zero2Five team at Cardiff Metropolitan University and the amazing people from Cywain Co, not to mention the team from View Creative Agency and many other Cywain Co partners. I could not have done without your support!

I also had support from the people who organised many of the Farmers and Food Markets I attended last year. This platform has helped me to get closer to customers, receive their feedback and improve my products.

2020 has started full of exciting new ideas; from the realisation, I want to do this for a living and take on board the wonderful customer and other retailers feedback. I realised that the name I have originally given to this venture was somewhat confusing to customers. I want to operate in a luxury, memorable gifts market, and Chocolate Party Express wasn't conveying that message.

So I set off to rebrand the business, create its new identity and reflect that in an elegant, passionate chocolate gift box packaging. So, Bossa Nova was created.

Bossa Nova is a Brazilian music genre; to be precise, it was developed in the late 1950s and became synonymous with Brazilian Sophisticated Jazz sound, mixing samba, jazz and the Portuguese lyrics. By then, the Brazilian chocolate confection, "Brigadeiro", had been established as a popular dessert in Brazilian cuisine.

Brigadeiro receives its name in homage to Brigadier Eduardo Gomes, who runs for President in Brazil's general election in 1946. This delightful sweet was developed by confectioner Eloisa Nabbuco de Oliveira and sold to raise money for his electoral campaign. He didn't win, but the sweets became a traditional Brazilian dessert on Birthdays, Weddings, and other celebratory party events in Brazil. Today these sweets have evolved and are also sold in Brazilian chocolate houses as gifts or convenience dessert stores.

I grew up in the South of Brazil, making these delicious treats with my mum, sister, auntie and cousins at every family celebration, and my passion for it and desire to share it with the UK was something I always wanted to do. In fact, way before I set up the business, my colleagues from many different industries had tasted them as I always brought them to share in work. The difference is I didn't do it for money at the time.

I hope you follow us on this wonderful journey and continue to support our business for many years to come.

Our mission is

Bossa Nova is passionate about making high-quality Brazilian style chocolate truffles. We are proud to represent Brazil's authentic, pure taste. With the high-quality made in Wales food and drink reputation, we bring joy to our customers.

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Customers are saying

“Nobody could be disappointed with these! By far the most beautiful and thoughtfully made chocolates I have ever eaten! The attention to detail with wrapping and gifting is incredible .”

Lizzi - Facebook customer

At Bossa Nova we care about your gifting experience. 

From including a special message, catering for special diet requirements or the perfect gift wrapping. 

Gifting is an art!

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