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Bossa Nova Chocolate Blog Post

Father's Day Special treats

This Father's Day will be very different for my family. We lost dad last year, and we want to celebrate his life with us with a special edition product.

Dad in my last visit to Brazil
Dad in my last visit to Brazil

We are creating delicious Snack chocolate bars filled with Brazilian style chocolate truffles, and we need your help to chose which flavours you would like to see in our store, online or our Farmer's Market/Pop-up stalls.

So here is to a selection we have prepared:

  • Griottines cherry in Kirch liquor with milk chocolate Brazilian style truffle in a milk chocolate bar

  • Strawberry and white chocolate Brazilian style truffle in a white chocolate bar

  • Seville marmalade and dark chocolate Brazilian truffle in a dark chocolate bar

Let us know what you think, suggest other flavour combinations, share this blog with your friends on social media.

We need your community support to make this a success for all Dad's alive and celebrate those who, unfortunately, is not here to share these treats with us, but who would be proud of you for your support.

Customers who help spread the word will be sent a voucher for one free snack chocolate for yourself on your next order. Thank you!

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