Our Chocolate heaven subscription plan

We have recently enabled our customers to subscribe to our Assortment Brazilian style chocolate truffles box weekly.

You now can choose from 9, 16, or 25 chocolates to be delivered to you, your family, or friends and save 10% on our retail prices.

You can cancel your subscription anytime too.

How to activate your subscription is easy.

  1. Select the box size,

  2. the Flavour and

  3. the Quantity

  4. You can also add specific flavours you like to be in the box using the optional text box.

  5. Select the price option as either:

  6. a one-time payment or as our Chocolate heaven subscription plan (this option will generate a weekly recurrent payment from your account).

  7. Click Subscribe Now button.

  8. Your selected assortment box will be added to your shopping basket, where you can review your order, continue with payment or go back to the shop to continue shopping.

Assortment of Brazilian Style Chocolate Truffles
Assortment of Brazilian Style Chocolate Truffles

We hope you enjoy our chocolates now on a subscription basis!

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Customers are saying

“Nobody could be disappointed with these! By far the most beautiful and thoughtfully made chocolates I have ever eaten! The attention to detail with wrapping and gifting is incredible .”

Lizzi - Facebook customer

At Bossa Nova we care about your gifting experience. 

From including a special message, catering for special diet requirements or the perfect gift wrapping. 

Gifting is an art!

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